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creative strategy
market positioning
public relations

video production
web development
design | graphics
social network media
sound design
It's clear today that advertising, corporate
communications, social marketing, public
relations and even a few other fields have
blurred the boundaries so completely it's
difficult for people to know exactly what
they need in moving their business forward.

At I MOBIUS we're confident in our
experience not only in a wide range of
creative disciplines, but in developing
creative solutions where they're
orchestrated together seamlessly.

We don't think pretty pictures, a few punchy
headlines, or a clever website however, are
always the first answer. Instead we start
with the best thing in the world which is
listening to you.

Then we develop solutions designed
to work specifically for your company
and for your specific need.

When you place your confidence in
us we commit to the work being on time,
on budget, and on target. But beyond that,
we promise results that are often flat out
beautiful, exciting, edgy, informed, bold,
different and "talked about."